Gas Heating

Gas Heating – Reliable, Warm Heat to Keep Your Family Comfortable in Winter.  We Do Service and Installation.  We’ll Make Your House Cozy And Warm When Temperatures Turn Cold! We do everything from seasonal maintenance to complete furnace replacement! When you need installation services for various gas heating elements – heat sources, stoves, and heaters.  We’ll also install decorative gas fixtures for you.

Master Plumbers

Master Plumbing – Certified for Boiler Work, Water Heaters, and Drain Cleaning and Water Heater Service. Our Master Plumbing Credentials Mean we Can Specialize in Major Plumbing Jobs.  At The Same Time, We Can Deliver Quality Service Whether The Job Is Big Or Small.  If You Need A Plumber, We’re There For You! Stop searching for service or installation for a boiler… At Abend, we’ve got you covered!

Commercial Boilers

Boiler Work – We install and service Boilers to provide you with Hydronic Steam Heat. This heat is superior to other types because it puts moisture into the air, while different types of heat make the air dry.  Dry heat can make it harder for you to fight off allergies and winter colds.  Many plumbers can’t work on boilers, but we have master plumbers on staff who can help with this! Call us to learn more about hydronic steam heat!


  • Why is My Water Bill High
    Numerous factors can contribute to your water bill being high. You can reduce a water bill by vigilantly inspecting areas that can be the usual culprits. You may discover some places of overwater usage more accessible to spot than others. If your water bill has increased dramatically and you haven’t determined the problem, it’s time to call Abend Services. Abend’s comprehensive inspection services will ensure your plumbing is in top shape. Leaks Waste Water Leaks are no laughing matter. The EPA, Environmental Protection Agency, estimates that US residential leaks waste nearly one trillion gallons of water yearly. Baltimore’s Lake Montebello...
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