Are Flushable Wipes Safe?

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Are Flushable Wipes SafeAre you wondering if flushable wipes are safe for your plumbing? Do you flush paper towels and baby wipes down the toilet? The recent work-from-home years have wreaked havoc on our sewer and septic systems. The general population has grown increasingly germ-phobic and uses more sanitation products than ever. The label says, “Flushable Wipes.” It would stand to reason that you can flush the product down your toilet without problems. Plumbers and municipal sewer personnel strongly disagree. Flushable wipes are causing harm to residential and municipal systems. Toilet paper is the only product you should put into your plumbing system if you want to avoid clogs. A homeowner can avoid costly plumbing repairs by putting all other products in a garbage bin. Call Abend Services if you tried to unclog the toilet to no avail. We’re licensed professionals who can take care of your plumbing. We’ll get you up and running in no time.

Flushable Wipes vs. Toilet Paper

Everyone wants to feel clean after a trip to the restroom. You also want your plumbing to run smoothly and be clog-free. Most people agree that plumbing water of any sort that’s backed up into your home is a nightmare. Companies market baby wipes and flushable wipes as flushable, but that doesn’t mean it’s a good idea. A homeowner needs to ensure everyone in the household is exercising the same caution regarding flushable products. Manufacturers design toilet paper to deteriorate if a reasonable amount is used and flushed quickly. Leaving pieces of toilet paper in a pocket that goes into the laundry will disintegrate. It will make a mess of a load of laundry if left in a pocket. A flushable wipe, baby wipe, or heavy-duty paper towel will come out looking pretty good since it does not break down.

Are Wipes Safe For Sewer Or Septic Systems?

Whether you have a septic or municipal sewer system, you want to keep those pipes flowing smoothly. Toilets have progressed over the years to consider climate issues. Before today’s standards, regular toilets used three and a half gallons of water per flush. One point six gallons is today’s standard. The reduction of water pushing the waste down and out of your home system has been cut roughly in half. The pressure a plunger exerts can move some clogs. If you need a plunger regularly, call Abend Services before you have a full-blown sewage backup.

Discarding Wipes And Paper Towels

You’ve just finished cooking the universal favorite, bacon. Instead of dumping grease into the toilet, or garbage disposal, use paper towels to mop up the oil. Use your garbage receptacle for anything other than toilet paper. Seeing unsightly garbage is the main reason people flush unmentionables. Buy a closed-top garbage can for personal hygiene un-flushables. Your plumbing will thank you, and you’ll save money on plumbing repairs.

You can avoid costly plumbing repairs by only flushing toilet paper. Although they market flushable wipes as safe for your plumbing, the numbers say otherwise. More people are at home using their plumbing than ever before. Make sure everyone in the house is on the same page. Provide a covered receptacle for unsightly waste. Don’t wait for a disastrous sewage backup. Call Abend Services now, and schedule regular maintenance to keep your pipes flowing smoothly.

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