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Sump Pumps Severna Park, MD

Do you need help with your sump pump in Severna Park? Many people have spaces in their homes vulnerable to flooding, such as crawl spaces and basements. Excess water in these spaces can lead to mold growth and water damage. And let’s face it… a damp house is just no fun! With the help of a battery backup, you can keep your home dry and comfortable.

You need a sump pump with a battery backup to ensure your living space stays moisture-free and comfortable for the whole family. Let’s look at different types of sump pumps and how they work. Or call the team at Abend Services today for all of the Severna Park plumbing services you need, from sump pump installation to repair.

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What Does a Sump Pump Do?

Depending on the size and brand of sump pump you choose, they all work a little differently. Most rely on the use of a tank under your home. When any collected water reaches a certain height, the pump is automatically triggered and pumps the water away from your home. It works to pump it to a place that’s safely away from your home to keep everything dry.

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The Benefits of Sump Pumps in Severna Park

You’ll need your sump pump the most during a storm, which is also the time that the power is likely to go out. Having a battery backup for your sump pump prevents this situation from becoming a plumbing emergency! Your sump pump will be on duty to keep your home safe and dry, even during a storm.

You can’t beat the security of a battery backup for your sump pump for continuous protection, peace of mind, and cost savings. Avoid plumbing bills by choosing and installing a battery backup… right from the start

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Sump Pump Repair

Having trouble with your sump pump? Call our team right away and we’ll get you scheduled for sump pump repair in Severna Park. We’ll get there as soon as possible to get everything working properly before the next storm rolls through. Call us as soon as you notice something is going wrong before you end up with flooding.

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Sump Pump Installation in Severna Park

Positioning and creating the sump pit is the first step to installing a sump pump. We’ll get to work on the pit, which is usually placed at the lowest point of the area you wish to protect. Once we’ve installed the pit, it’s time to position and install the sump pump.

If you have a submersible sump pump, we’ll situate it directly in the pit. This type of sump pump tends to be quieter since it is underwater during operation. A pedestal sump pump will sit above the sump pit. It may be a bit noisier while in use. But, at the same time, it is also easier to access for maintenance and repair.

Sump Pump Maintenance in Severna Park

To keep your sump pump in Severna Park in good working order, make sure it’s regularly maintained. You can quickly test it yourself by clearing away any debris and filling up the bucket or tank. If the pump turns on automatically, it’s working fine and ready to keep your basement or crawl space dry. If it doesn’t, it may need repair or professional intervention. Call the team at Abend Services to help you maintain it and keep everything pumping and dry.

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Do I Need a Sump Pump in Severna Park?

If you don’t already use a sump pump in Severna Park to keep your basement dry, it could offer many benefits for your home. Our team recommends one when:

  • Your existing sump pump is broken beyond repair
  • You don’t have one and part of your home is below ground level
  • Your existing pump can’t handle the volume of water under your home
  • You have problems with flooding because of melting snow or storms
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Not All Sump Pumps Are Equal

We will consider several factors when choosing what battery backup system is best for your sump pump. Things such as pump capacity, battery lifespan, and compatibility with your specific sump pump model are all things that we need to consider before installing your new sump pump with battery backup.

Count on Abend Services to provide professional service to install, maintain, and repair your sump pump and battery backup as necessary. We’ll need to clean the sump pit from time to time, making sure it is clear of debris that will affect the performance of your unit.

We can test your battery backup quarterly to ensure it is functioning and ready for action! If you don’t have a sump pump now, but would like to consider one, call Abend Services for an installation experience that is safe, clean, and efficient. We’ll help you decide what options are best for your home. Maintenance and repair are always available. Consider our low monthly maintenance plan to protect against unexpected plumbing problems. Your sump pump can function for an estimated ten years with proper care. Call today, and let’s get started!

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