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When your plumbing's on the run, Abend gets it done!

HVAC & Plumbing in Glen Burnie, MD

When you need a plumber for your Glen Burnie home, you will be glad you called Abend Services. For over 70 years, this woman-owned family business has helped homeowners like you by providing licensed plumbers to help with your plumbing service and maintenance needs.Here are some of the things we can do for you:

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Plumbing Repairs

When something goes wrong… there’s no doubt you need a plumber. This is how most people meet us. When you call with a problem, we’ll send a plumber to your home in Glen Burnie to evaluate and fix the issue. You’ll be pleased when you meet our plumbers. They are courteous, competent, and professional. No job is too large or small for Abend! We have licensed and experienced master plumbers on our team who can tackle big projects.

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  • Absolutely A+ Service
  • Leave it Better Than We Found It
  • Honest to a Fault

Water Heaters in Glen Burnie

Most people go about their day-to-day lives and never think about their water heaters. For most people, water heaters are “out of sight, out of mind.” When there’s a problem, it’s a big deal. Call Abend Services, and let us come out and inspect your water heater. We can recommend whether you should repair or replace your water heater.

Every so often, you should flush your water heater. We’ll be happy to help with this. Most people don’t realize they must replace the anode rods in their water heater. In fact, most people aren’t aware of the purpose they serve. The anode rods prevent corrosion from building up in your water heater. It would help if you had them inspected and replaced now and then.

What if your water heater is a genuine antique, but it’s not giving you problems right now? In that case, it might be a good time to have it evaluated. Or, get a new tankless water heater, like the Navien Water Heaters we carry… this will enable you to have hot water “on-demand” for your Glen Burnie home.

Water Filters in Glen Burnie

How’s the water from your tap? If it’s less than stellar, let us show you the benefits of a Halo Water Filtration System. This whole house system can improve the water quality in your Glen Burnie home. You’ll feel much better about your drinking water and offering a glass to guests. And, by the way, your laundry, dish, and bath water will also improve.

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Home Service Plan

Abend Services offers homeowners an affordable way to gain peace of mind. A Home Service Plan with Abend is available for only $11/month. What? That’s excellent value!

Homeowners in Glen Burnie can have their plumbing inspected and maintained with their Home Service Plan. There’s nothing like the great feeling you’ll have knowing that your plumbing is top of mind with Abend Services!

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