Burying Your Gutter Downspouts

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Burying Your Gutter Downspouts

Are you considering burying your gutter downspouts? Downspouts aren’t the most attractive feature of your home. They are necessary to keep water away from your foundation or from entering your basement.

If you are looking for a professional recommendation, call an expert plumber in Severna Park from Abend Services. We have the skills and expertise with nearly 40 years of experience. Abend technicians can take care of any issues concerning water and keep your home in excellent condition!

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Advantages To Burying Gutter Downspouts

If you don’t want to look at your downspouts, digging a trench and submerging it will keep it out of sight. Typically builders bury gutter downspouts for attractiveness. The trench must be deep enough and have a slight downward slope. A proper drop in elevation will ensure the water drains away from the house and foundation. Preferably, the water will run to the street or municipal sewer system. Underground gutter downspouts are an effective alternative if you are concerned about the aesthetics of your landscape. It’s worth consulting a licensed professional to keep water away from your foundation or basement.

Cons to Underground Downspouts

The biggest con to underground downspouts is the maintenance. Homeowners forget to maintain items they can see. Remembering to clean gutters and downspouts often gets put off. The downspout is likely clogged when water is puddling in the yard, or the gutters are sagging. Accessibility can be a headache. Abend Services can do spring and fall maintenance to ensure water runs smoothly away from your home year-round.

DIY Submerging Downspouts

A dedicated DIY person can bury gutter downspouts using the proper technique. If you’re unsure before you start, call Abend Services, and we’ll give you professional recommendations and an estimate. You may decide to hire professionals for this job . The digging can be backbreaking and time-consuming unless you have help tackling the job of concealing your downspouts. Choosing where the downspout ends and the depth of the trench is critical.

After determining the best path, you’ll need to spray paint a line on your lawn to stay on track. Dig the trench to the proper depth for a sturdy polyethylene pipe. Backfill the downspout with several inches of dirt. Tamp the soil snugly down so it doesn’t wash away after the first rain. Connect an elbow to the vertical part of the downspout. Check the gutter screen at the roof connecting point to ensure large debris doesn’t get into the downspout.

Alternatives To Burying Your Gutter Downspouts

Don’t want to tear up your lawn by digging trenches? You should consider these alternatives. The same rules apply to making sure you divert the water away from your foundation and basement. Landscaping can conceal unsightly downspouts in certain areas saving you time and money. However, if the gutter downspout will be a tripping hazard, have it buried professionally and rest easy. It’s not worth having someone get hurt on your property.

When you bury your gutter downspouts, you add value to your property. Visually attractive landscapes are the first thing people see when pulling up to your property. Call Abend Services for an estimate today. Get rid of gutter downspout eyesores, and know licensed professionals will complete the job!

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