Installing a Natural Gas Line In Your Home

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Installing A Natural Gas Line In Your HomeHave you been wondering what it could take to install a natural gas line in your home and if it’s worth it? Natural gas is just another way to heat your home and run your appliances here in Maryland. While it has benefits, natural gas is not always the best solution for everyone.

Benefits Of Installing A Natural Gas Line In Your Home

Consider the benefits of installing a natural gas line in your home, which can run some, but not all, appliances.

Natural Gas Is Cheaper

Although not cheaper everywhere, natural gas is a more inexpensive resource than electricity in Maryland. And since you can choose your own supplier thanks to deregulation, you could save a chunk of money on your electricity bill by installing a gas line.

Natural Gas Is Easy To Install

Although installing natural gas lines in a home that doesn’t already have them isn’t a job for a novice, it’s easy for a professional. Americans have used natural gas for over 100 years, so many contractors know how to install a natural gas line in a Maryland home. Make sure you use a qualified professional for a gas line installation.

Natural Gas Can Be Stored

Natural gas can be stored and shipped, making it easy to get in large quantities. If your home cannot accept a natural gas line, you could install a propane line instead.

Most Appliances Can Run On Natural Gas

Almost all the appliances in your home can run on natural gas, just like they run on electricity. If you install a natural gas line, it can run your:

Drawbacks Of Installing A Natural Gas Line In Your Home

Of course, there are drawbacks when deciding if a natural gas line is right for your home.

Installing Natural Gas Lines Can Be Expensive

Installing natural gas lines into a home not already fitted for gas can be costly. Expect to pay at least a couple of thousand dollars or more for the installation. And it’s a process; permits and inspections are necessary, as improperly installed natural gas lines can be a hazard to you and your neighbors.

Natural Gas Appliances Are More Expensive

Before you bite the bullet to transition to natural gas, consider the cost of appliances. Most natural gas appliances are more expensive than electric ones. If you need a pro to complete the installation, that may also come at a higher cost.

Natural Gas Can Be Dangerous

Natural gas burns fast and is compressed, adding to the danger. If gas fills your home, it could ignite your entire house in flames, or worse, explode, taking out your and your neighbor’s homes and anything else in its path.

Not only is it explosive, but it can also be poisonous. You could die if you inhale too much of this odorless and colorless gas. If you decide to install gas lines, ensure you also get gas detectors for your home.

Natural Gas Can’t Run Everything

Although natural gas can run most of your appliances, it can’t run everything. You’ll still need electricity to charge and run electronics, power your lights, and run your air conditioning unit.

Installing A Natural Gas Line In Your Home

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