LAARS Combination Boilers & Water Heaters

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LAARS Combination Boilers & Water HeatersLAARS combination boilers & water heaters are a choice we highly recommend when it’s time to replace your water heating system. When properly maintained, every system in your home or office building has a general life span. If you have an older boiler that still functions, replacing it is an important consideration and could save you money. Today’s new boilers and water heaters are far more efficient than their older counterparts.

There are many brands on the market to choose from when it’s time to replace an old unit. Choosing the best equipment for a new or an older home comes with many questions. The information can be overwhelming and confusing for the general layperson. Continue reading for ideas to help you sift through this process before you open your checkbook.

Condensing Or Non-Condensing Boiler

Non-condensing boilers customarily run at higher temperatures with a portion of the heat venting outside. Condensing boilers are highly energy efficient and run at a lower temperature while providing adequate heating. Depending on the home, one may be a better choice than the other for its use. Having a licensed contractor advise you on the best option can be extremely helpful.

DIY Replacing Your LAARS Combination Boilers & Water Heaters

If you’re a dedicated DIY person, you may be contemplating replacing your old gas boiler or water heater. This would not be a DIY project unless you have professional training to install and service these units. A licensed plumbing contractor with the proper certifications and training is the only way to go. Otherwise, the risks are paramount, including explosions. Call the pros for this system for safety’s sake!

LAARS Boilers Lifespan And Efficiency

LAARS condensing gas boilers have AFUE (Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiencies) in a 95% range. Their mid-efficiency boilers have a mid-80 % AFUE range. Choosing the correct boiler/water heater can be daunting with so many options on the market. Having an excellent contractor assist you with making the right choice is extremely valuable. With proper maintenance, whichever boiler or water heater you choose will last about 15 years. Annual maintenance will keep your boiler functioning and save you money.

Boiler/Water Heater Questions

Your boiler may go out for many reasons, especially if you’ve neglected maintenance. Along with several other systems in your home, the boiler/water heater is out-of-sight, out-of-mind. Your system has issues when the pilot light is going out regularly or the boiler is leaking. Call a licensed contractor if it’s making gurgling or banging noises or your radiators are cold.

Not every contractor has undergone training and certification to install LAARS NeoTherm condensing boilers. Technicians need the proper training to safely install any gas boiler or water heater. Having the appropriate temperature set and the boiler serviced regularly will ensure you have hot water at your fingertips. When you call Abend Services, you can rest assured that you’ll get only the best technicians in the plumbing business. Give Abend a call today so you can sit back and relax. Hot water is on the way!

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