Low Water Pressure

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Low Water PressureAre you experiencing low water pressure on a random or regular basis? A pressure drop is indicative of a plumbing issue somewhere in the system. Your plumbing can slow down for various reasons, but regardless of the cause, you should address the problem promptly. You and your family depend on clean running water for drinking, bathing, landscaping, washing clothes, and more. A licensed, professional plumber can assist you in finding the problem and offer a solution. Read on for information on several reasons why you have low water pressure.

Your Home’s Age Affects Plumbing

Your home’s age affects the plumbing system and water flow. If you live in a lovely, quaint old house, your pipes are probably made of galvanized steel or copper. Steel pipes and old copper pipes will develop corrosion and rust. Hard water buildup affects the water flow and worsens unless appropriately addressed by a professional. Hire a licensed plumber to complete a whole house plumbing inspection so you know what you’re up against.

Filters And Hard Water Considerations

Many homes have water filters for the ice in their freezers. A whole house water softening filter helps reduce hard water but doesn’t fix the problem. It would be best to replace all water filters after they have reached their lifespan. Pipes still need maintenance to keep them clear and corrosion free. Heavily corroded pipes can start leaking, causing problems with your entire house. You may not see the damaged area without investigating the situation.

Reasons For Low Water Pressure

We rarely give our water fixtures a second thought until a problem arises. Shower heads and water faucets will experience calcium, rust, grime, and debris buildup that will diminish water flow. You’ll see a remarkable difference after you remove them, clean them, and remove the gunk. Fixtures have a lifespan; once you exceed that time frame, a new fixture is worth the money. Many contemporary plumbing fixtures will save you money in the long run and are better for the environment.

You can also experience low water pressure if you live with a large family or group. When everyone’s vying for water simultaneously, it can reduce the availability. Call a plumber if this happens more than feels reasonable. The timing could be similar to when you jump into a hot shower, and in a minute, it’s cold.

Defective Water Pressure Regulator

A water pressure regulator is a mechanical mechanism that reduces the flow from the city water line to your home. Residential pipes can’t handle City water’s high PSI without a pressure regulator. Pipe damage can result in flooding and destruction to your home if your regulator is broken or damaged. The problem may first present as slower water flow. This is another reason to have a professional plumber assess the situation.

Low water pressure is annoying but can signal a much bigger problem. You might only need to clean out the faucet and shower head filters. Or you may have to replace old galvanized steel pipes making it an extensive and expensive plumbing job. Either way, you’ll want to get your plumbing system checked out. If you see any wet marks before a pipe bursts causing flooding, you’ll need to spring into action. Call Abend Services today for a comprehensive examination of your plumbing.

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