Scale Buildup In Pipes

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Scale Buildup In PipesThe cause of scale buildup in pipes is an item that, left unaddressed, can wreak havoc on your plumbing system. As pipelines become coated with scale, it effectively reduces the size of the pipe delivering water at a slower flow. All water contains different levels of minerals. Hard water contains more minerals creating buildup in pipes more rapidly. Regardless of the water type, you’ll need to keep plumbing maintenance on your annual to-do list. A licensed plumber can keep your plumbing system in top shape.

What Is Limescale

Limescale, or calcium carbonate, has a chalky texture and is white or gray colored. By nature, hard water is alkaline. You’ll find the ugly, crusty scale buildup challenging to remove on faucets where it’s visible. Those same mineral deposits are on the inside of your pipes. You’ll need to have this issue handled professionally to prevent your pipes from running slow or becoming blocked. Limescale also affects any household appliances or machinery that relies on water. You can clean the scale buildup that you can see, but the pipes are another story.

Mineral Deposit Causes In Pipes

After water containing minerals such as magnesium and calcium becomes heated in pipes, it evaporates. It leaves behind deposits that develop into limescale. Hard water contains more minerals and needs maintenance more often than softer water. Natural minerals such as fluoride, iron, zinc, calcium, magnesium, sodium, and potassium are present in water sources. Several minerals are beneficial and don’t harm your plumbing system, but calcium and magnesium can cause damage.

Signs Of Scale Buildup In Pipes

If you’ve put off regular plumbing maintenance, you’ll see signs of scale buildup. Your glassware won’t be as clean when the dishwasher cycle is complete. The ice from your automatic ice maker in the fridge will be affected. Although it may be more challenging to see, your clothes won’t be as clean either. A high water bill is also a sign that may point to scale buildup. When your water heater takes too long to function appropriately, scale buildup could be the culprit.

Reducing Mineral Deposits In Pipes

When you have a licensed plumbing contractor inspect your plumbing system, they can provide professional guidance. They may recommend the installation of a water softener to reduce minerals, subsequently minimizing scale problems. Whole house water softeners service all water-using appliances. Your hair will feel softer, as will your skin. Clothes and dishes will be cleaner; even your houseplants will thank you. The water heater will run more efficiently too.

Do you feel plagued by the never-ending battle of scale buildup in pipes? Schedule annual or biannual maintenance to ensure your pipes stay clear and your water-driven appliances work efficiently. If you put this necessary maintenance off for too long, it could cause significant, expensive damage. Installing a water softener helps deter mineral buildup in pipes and requires little maintenance to keep the unit working correctly. Call Abend Services for a professional assessment of your plumbing, maintenance, and recommendations for softer water for your home.

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