Sewer Replacement

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Sewer ReplacementIf you suspect sewer replacement is looming over your household, take a deep breath. How will you know you need a sewer replacement? There are indicators to look for, or you may have noticed several telltale signs. Don’t wait to correct sewer damage; you could have many problems rear their ugly heads.

Your best course of action is to call Abend Services so you can have a professional technician evaluate your property.

Signs that You Have a Sewer Leak

There are many signs that you need a sewer replacement. Some are more subtle than others. Clogged drains or drains that are backing up sewage into your home are problems that are hard to ignore. You may just need to have the pipes cleaned. Having annual maintenance to keep your lines clear is something to put on your calendar. If you find you need the pipes cleared more often, there is a problem you need to address.

Strange or unpleasant odors may indicate sewage backup. If your lawn has a sinkhole that was previously level, you might have a crack in the sewer line. The damage won’t fill in with dirt. It will just keep pulling more dirt down. Oddly, the especially green area on your lawn that looks much better than the rest of your yard isn’t in your best interest either.

Common Reasons for Sewer Replacement

The Baltimore area has many stunning, historic neighborhoods. Homes built in older areas have several contributing factors to sewer problems. The beautiful trees that provide a canopy of shade also come with a root system that is the underground enemy of your old sewer pipes. Because older homes have pipes made out of clay, cast iron, or even hollowed-out wood, they’re more fragile than the PVC pipes used for newer homes.

Older pipes corrode and deteriorate over the years. Shifting or settling soil conditions can add to the issue, often resulting in cracked, collapsed, or broken pipes. That small swimming pool on your lawn is a clear sign you need a professional.

Whose Responsibility is the Sewer Line?

The homeowner is responsible for the sewer pipes until they connect with the city’s main sewer line at the property line. All of the pipes in your home empty into the main sewer. A clog on the second story may not point toward sewer replacement. Clogs, or drains backing up on the main floor, are more indicative of sewer problems.

The age span of a sewer is around 60-70 years, making it the longest-lasting system in your home. Maintaining this workhorse can add years to its lifespan. Having the pipes cleaned annually can keep tree roots at bay, extending the life of your sewer. Left unattended, they can wreak havoc and make sewer replacement mandatory.

You know you have sewer issues. At what level is unclear. It’s time to call the professionals. Because Abend Services has technicians that carry Master Plumbing Credentials, we can evaluate your sewer issues professionally. After assessing the problem, we’ll give you recommendations and an estimate for the work. So call Abend Plumbing and Heating now. We’ll take care of the dirty business so you can rest easy.

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