The Best Ways to Clear a Drain

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The Best Ways to Clear a Drain

Does your drain keep getting clogged? Do you want to know the best practices for keeping your drains clear? At Abend Services, we do a lot of drain work for our customers! That means we understand how frustrating it can be to have a clogged drain and the impact it can have on your home and family. Our licensed professionals are qualified to advise you on some tips to keep your drain as clear as possible. We hope this blog is informative and lets you know what you can do to keep a drain clear and why you should use these methods within your home.

Why Do I Need To Keep My Drain Clear?

Keeping your drain clear will help you to maintain a healthy plumbing system within your home. Plus, it will save you an expensive service call to your local plumber.

What Are Prevention Tips to Keep My Drain Clear?

There are several ways that you can minimize the likelihood of your drain clogging. These include:

  • Don’t pour liquid grease down the drain. Instead, pour it into a sealable container. After it cools, put it in the trash
  • Keep food and coffee grounds out of kitchen sinks and drains
  • Use a hair catcher in your shower drain to collect any hair that falls out while you’re in the shower
  • Use the hair catcher to also stop any soap and hair scum from entering the drains once you’ve washed
  • Brush your hair before going in the shower to remove any loose hair and prevent it from falling out in the shower
  • Put leftover food in the trash or compost, not in the garbage disposal
  • Don’t flush anything else down the toilet other than toilet paper and human waste

What Should I Do If My Drain Is Clogged?

There are several processes you can try before calling your local plumber! Hopefully, these will save you both time and money. These include:

  • Clean your drain stopper to remove any clogged materials
  • Use a plunger to try and unclog a sink or toilet. It will create a seal and force the water up and down the pipes, to hopefully unblock whatever is causing the clogged drain

How Do I Keep My Drains Clean?

There are several effective methods to help maintain your drains year-round. You can do this by:

  • Cleaning your drains once a week
  • Flush your drains every week
  • Deep clean your tub drain at least once a month
  • Use a bacterial drain cleaner to maintain your drains

There are several ways to monitor and maintain your drains so that you can avoid a plumber callout. However, if the worst does happen, then we are here to help! We are experts at providing drain cleaning, fixing, and maintenance. Plus, if the problem is persistent, we even do water and sewer replacements! Call Abend Services whenever you need us – We can help!

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