Toilet Trouble: When To Call A Plumber

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Toilet Trouble- When To Call A PlumberAre you having toilet trouble? Are you unsure if it’s time to call a plumber? At Abend Services, we’re no strangers to toilet problems. Here are some of the most common toilet issues people face and advice on whether you should call a plumber to fix them.

If you prefer to leave the discovery and correction of your toilet trouble to a licensed professional, call Abend Services now. We’ll take care of your plumbing problems, so you don’t have to.

Toilet Won’t Stop Running

If your toilet doesn’t stop running, you’ve probably tried jiggling the handle. This time-tested solution might work.

The most common problem is the toilet chain. Take the lid off the toilet tank. Check to see if the flapper completely covers the hole in the bottom. If not, then your chain likely isn’t long enough. Remove the chain from the handle and reattach it to a different loop to make it longer.

Another potential issue is a rubber diaphragm seal that won’t seat correctly. If lengthening the chain doesn’t work, call a licensed professional plumber.

Slow Filling Tank

If you’ve noticed your toilet takes a long time to refill, there could be a few things wrong with it:

  • A leaking flapper
  • A broken flush valve
  • You need to replace the seal

Since few options are available to correct this toilet trouble, it may be in your best interest to leave this task to a plumber. They can find the cause quickly and have your toilet’s slow-filling tank refilling correctly in no time.

Toilet Is Leaking

First, you need to determine the origin of the leak. Is the water leaking around the base, the tank, or the porcelain bowl?

Leaking Along The Base

If water is leaking along the base of your toilet, place a dry towel firmly around the toilet where the bowl meets the floor. If the towel gets wet after a few hours, the wax seal probably needs replacing. This may be a DIY job, but only if you’re confident removing the entire toilet without damaging it or your tile floor.

If the towel isn’t wet after a few hours, the source of the leak might be a supply hose or flush valve. If your DIY skills don’t include plumbing, it’s best to call a plumber to find the cause and repair it correctly to avoid more severe water damage in your home.

Leaking From The Bowl Or Tank

You probably need a new toilet if your toilet leaks from the bowl or tank. While you could fix the tank with porcelain epoxy, a cracked bowl requires a toilet replacement.

The toilet replacement may be doable if you’re confident in your DIY abilities. If not, call a licensed, professional plumber to take care of the job.

Gurgling Toilet

A gurgling toilet is usually a sign that you have a sewage line blocked somewhere. It can lead to serious issues and potential sewage backup into your toilet or drain. Call a plumber to investigate the situation and correct the problem.

Shifting Or Moving a Toilet

If your toilet is shifting or moving when you sit down, the bolts holding it to the floor are probably loose. When you DIY, be careful not to tighten the bolts too severely, or you might crack the toilet or dislodge the flange. Call a plumber to check it out if you’re not confident you’ll meet with success or have any other toilet trouble after tightening the bolts.

Stubborn, Continuous Clogs

Clogs are a common problem faced by many homeowners and renters. Sometimes, the cause is apparent. Did your toddler flush a toy down the toilet? Is someone flushing too much toilet paper or feminine hygiene products?

Plumbing leaks can be tricky to pinpoint. There may be deeper problems that you can’t see. You might not be able to fix this problem on your own. Overusing drain cleaning chemicals and at-home remedies like a drain snake could cause more problems.

You’ve tried clearing the clog with no success or only have temporary relief followed by another clog. Now is the time to call a professional plumbing company that can send a qualified technician.

The plumbing experts at Abend Services in Baltimore, Maryland, are ready to help solve your toilet trouble problems. We’re licensed professionals who take your plumbing problems seriously. Call Abend now to schedule a consultation.

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