Well Water vs. City Water

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Well Water vs. City WaterThere are many differences between well water and city water. The majority of homeowners don’t have the option to choose their water source. Typical suburban residential neighborhoods receive city water when they turn on their faucets. People utilize wells for their water in rural areas that don’t have city sewer systems. Rural residents also use septic tanks for water waste. People cherish clean water for drinking, bathing, landscaping, and cooking, amongst other things.

Well Water Benefits

Having your own well water supply has benefits. It’s natural, green, and doesn’t use treatment chemicals before it reaches your glass. You don’t have a water bill to pay every month. The water is pumped directly from the water table instead of a water treatment plant. The only water expense you’ll incur when owning a private well is running the pump. You won’t have to ask yourself why your water bill is high or answer anyone about your water usage.

You need a lot of water to grow a large garden, and a well provides that without hurting your pocketbook. You can fill a swimming pool without incurring considerable expense. A large family or ongoing visitors can run up a municipal water bill. You won’t have that concern when your home operates with well water.

City Water Benefits

The municipal water plant processes the city water that comes from ground runoff. They use chemicals to ensure the water is safe to drink for your household. The city may restrict water usage when water tables run low to protect everyone’s access to clean water. Arid climates have been fighting this battle since people settled out west. In fact, much information has been in the news lately about water shortages in those areas. This is a problem that the West Coast has been fighting for years.

Well vs. City Water Cons

Well water is reliable unless your area is experiencing a severe drought that seriously lowers the water table. This is highly unlikely, but it needs to be said. Some areas are more prone to this problem than others, of course.

City water can go out if the municipality experiences equipment failure or a natural disaster strikes. People need to test well water and city water for peace of mind. Well water tends to have more hard water than municipalities. Filters can keep out many contaminants and reduce hard water. Installing a whole-house water filtration system in your home can help mitigate hard water concerns. Many people complain that city water tastes terrible compared to well water.

At Abend Services, we can help with delivering the best water quality in your home! Whole-house filtration systems can improve the water quality of city water vs. well water. Make an appointment for us to come out today and analyze your water quality. We can help you and your family and friends rely on clean, natural-tasting water from your tap!

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