Gas Water Heaters

As the name implies, gas water heaters run on natural gas or propane to heat the water for your home. They usually have a burner at the bottom of the tank. This burner ignites the gas, which in turn, heats the water that is in the tank. Then, as it heats up, the hot water rises to the top. To complete the process, as you use the hot water in the tank, cold water comes into the tank. So, this means that as long as you have a large enough tank for your home, you have a continuous hot water supply.

What Size Gas Water Heater Should You Buy?

It’s important to get professional advice when it comes to deciding what size water heater you need. While a small apartment can get by with a 30-gallon tank, a bigger home with more people may require a 50 or 75-gallon tank. Remember, the essential consideration is the number of people who will be using hot water and their patterns of hot water use. You want to be sure to get this right for your family’s comfort.

How Energy Efficient are Gas Water Heaters?

When we compare gas water heaters with electric water heaters, the gas water heaters come out on top. Because they heat water faster and cost less to run, they are considered more energy efficient than electric models. To be sure, a good comparison of Energy Star models may help you search for the right water heater for your home.

Extending the Life of Your Gas Water Heater

Gas Water Heaters typically last from 8 to 12 years. A lot of that depends on usage, maintenance, and the quality of your water. By doing regular maintenance, you can extend the life of your water heater. Be sure to have a plumbing professional perform such tasks as flushing the tank and checking the anode rod. If your water is rusty or discolored, it could mean that your tank is corroding or your anode rod is not working properly. Sediment buildup in the tank can affect its life span as well. It’s also important to check for gas leaks and blockages in the gas line and burner area.

Gas Water Heaters We Service

Gas Water Heater Service Area

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Installation and Conversion of Gas Water Heaters

Licensed professional plumbers should install Gas Water Heaters. It’s just not a DIY job! You should not attempt to work with gas connections and potentially harmful venting systems on your own. Switching from an electric to a gas water heater requires a specialized installation. You’ll need a gas line connection and might need some adjustments to your plumbing. You’ll want to hire a professional for this conversion, since you must ensure you have the proper ventilation. We achieve this by installing a gravity vent, power vent, or blower that works in conjunction with your water heater.

Warranties on Gas Water Heaters

Warranties vary from brand to brand and even model to model. In fact, they typically run anywhere from 3 – 12 years. We can review the different warranty terms with you before you make a buying and installation decision.

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